Compassion Ministry recently took part in the Project “Word of God to people in trouble”. The purpose of the project is rendering spiritual support to those who suffered in disasters and in hard life situations.

Now the situation in Ukraine is very hard. More than 700.000 peaceful people became refugees. Together with Moscow churches we sent Bibles, Children Bibles and New Testaments to those regions where refugees from Ukraine are staying: Rostov, Krasnodar, Stavropol regions and Crimea. The situation in these regions is not easy. Lots of refugees were coming every day. They are staying in houses as well as in church buildings. The refugees need place to live, food to eat and also all of them need psychological help. Only Word of God can help in such situation, give hope to people in trouble and comfort those in grief.

One Pastor responsible for the distribution of humanitarian aid in Rostov region, wrote: “Thank you very much for Bibles and Children Bibles. We give them together with food parcels. People highly appreciate the books. One problem – nobody wants us to take pictures of them, they are frightened. May God bless you in your ministry!”

A refugee from Slavyansk wrote: “Thank you very much for the wonderful books that we received. Leaving Slavyansk we took with us only the most needed things… Your books became a real treasure for us! Our five year old son was very glad. He can’t read but he look at wonderful pictures in Children Bible with great interest! Your ministry gives hope and joy to people And God will never forget it! May God bless you!”

Written by Galina Dzhuzenova


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  • Praise God for the witness and provision of Compassion Ministry and for the scores of people they reach out to.
  • Pray for the current situation in Ukraine and Russia.
  • Pray for the 700,000+ refugees and the situations they now find themselves in away from home, family, life as they knew it.