Winters in Eastern Europe always bring freezing-cold conditions from December until March, but this year Arctic conditions as low as minus 30 degrees Centigrade have spread from Russia to Greece. In the harshest winter for more than 25 years, thousands of poor people are struggling to find sufficient warmth, to provide hot meals, and their health is at risk. There are already reports of death and there is little or no help from the state.

Why is TEN involved?

This winter many of TEN’s partners are again offering assistance to the most vulnerable people in their communities. Without the generosity of UK Christians, our partners can help only a small number of elderly people and families. Donating money towards TEN’s WinterHelp Appeal enables our partners to buy food, fuel and other vital provisions at local prices. This costs much less than it would to source and send supplies from the UK.

Your prayers are also appreciated for safe travel for our partners as they distribute supplies.

How supporters can give to WinterHelp? 

» Individual donation by cheque or online
» Church collection
» Fundraising event
» Purchase an Essential Gift online

WinterHelp big bundle £90 includes:

  • A supply of logs £35
  • Winter clothing £20
  • Hygiene pack £15
  • Food Hamper £10
  • New blanket £10

TEN’s WinterHelp appeal was launched before Christmas and will remain open for donations until the end of February 2017. More than £9,000 has already been donated and funds continue to be distributed. Thank you for your support and may God bless you.