Transform Europe Network launched its 2017 – 18 WinterHelp Appeal on 1st December to raise much-needed funds to support its partners who provide practical help to the poor in their communities during Winter.

Winterhelp – Freezing temperatures mean thousands of families in Eastern Europe will struggle for warmth and food this winter.Winters in much of Eastern Europe bring freezing cold conditions, especially during the long, dark nights from December through until March. Last winter temperatures in the region plummeted to an extraordinary, minus 30 degrees. Many people struggled to provide sufficient warmth and hot food, and there was little or no assistance from the state. However, thanks to the generosity of  TEN supporters, its partners were able to help hundreds more people.

Why is TEN involved?

This winter, many of TEN’s partners will again assist the most vulnerable people in their communities. Without the generosity of UK Christians only a small group of elderly people and needy families can be helped. By donating your money towards TEN’s WinterHelp appeal, whatever you can afford, your gift will grow in value. This is because TEN’s partners can buy food, clothing, logs and other provisions much more cheaply than it would be to source and send supplies from the UK.

How can you give to WinterHelp?

  • Individual donation
  • Purchase an Essential Gift online
  • Arrange a Church Collection
  • Organise a fundraising event

Donations can either be made online at or by sending TEN a cheque made out to TEN.

Here are some examples of Essential Gifts for winter that our partners in Europe have requested:

A new blanket – £12
A woolly hat, gloves and scarf – £15
A month of hot meals at a Soup Kitchen – £22
A winter coat – £25
A month’s supply of logs – £40
Winter Bundle – £70

WinterHelp Gifts

Why not purchase a gift as a Christmas present on behalf of a friend or family member? TEN will send you a special gift card to pass on to your loved one.

Visit WinterHelp online
Call 01179 615161 for a free Essential Gifts catalogue to purchase any of these WinterHelp gifts.