I was brought up in a Christian family and loved hearing about all the amazing people in the Bible at Sunday School – I particularly loved knowing the answers to all the questions! I asked Jesus Christ to come into my life at the age of six. As I got older, I started to question God and the pressures and enticements of society led me away from my church and the regular company of believers. But in my mid-twenties, God met me profoundly, through the faithful witness of an old school friend. Knowing how much God loves me and that nothing I could ever do would separate me from His love led me to renew my commitment to Him.

I have lived in different parts of the UK as work has dictated but have spent most of my life in my wonderful home city of Liverpool. I have a background in administration, sales and retail. Previously, I volunteered at Lee Abbey Devon Community as Personnel Administrator and it was wonderful to learn so much more about God, myself and Christians from every continent. I am really enjoying living in Bristol and I am very excited to join the TEN team to utilise my gifts in the amazing work God has given us to do.

I have a passion for creative things. I love watching films, listening to music, reading books, visiting galleries and museums and eating! I also really love trivia and so I’m keen to take part in any quiz that comes my way.

Naomi Greenwood