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Staff team

Gerry Partridge
Gerry PartridgeChief Executive Officer
I started my career as an engineer but five years after qualifying I decided to switch to business development, sales management and marketing. I enjoyed a very successful career in this sector for many years.

James Chilcott (Chili)
James Chilcott (Chili)Finance Manager
I have had a varied and interesting working life, but late in 2009 put myself through an entry level accounting course to make a career change. In 2010 I began working for a regional accounting firm with expertise in charity accounts and assurance work.

Ken Millwood
Ken MillwoodOperations Administrator
I made a commitment to Christ in my second year at Bristol University which changed everything. After my degree God led me to work with Open Air Campaigners (OAC) for a time learning to share the gospel on the streets using sketchboard and paints.

Melanie Griffiths
Melanie GriffithsSupporter Relations & Funding Development Officer
I was brought up in Birmingham as the youngest of four girls by 25 minutes as I have a twin sister! I made a personal commitment to Christ in my early 20s on an Oak Hall skiing holiday and have known His faithfulness throughout my life.

Bob Northey
Bob NortheyCommunications Officer
As Communications Officer it’s my responsibility to ensure that all TEN communications, including the quarterly magazine, are published on time, within brand guidelines and in a clear, attractive manner.


Hazel Vinson
Hazel VinsonChairperson and Ambassador
David Thomas
David ThomasTrustee
Tom Harflett
Tom HarflettTrustee and Ambassador
Michelle Jennings
Michelle JenningsTrustee
Allan Spencer
Allan SpencerTrustee
Markelian Mico
Markelian MicoTrustee
Evan Winter
Evan WinterTrustee


Gary Cox
Gary CoxSenior Ambassador
Judith Blackwell
Judith BlackwellAmbassador
Richard Favier
Richard FavierAmbassador and TEN BAM team
Chris Hill
Chris HillAmbassador and TEN BAM coordinator
Terry Wood
Terry WoodAmbassador and TEN BAM team
Rachel Lee
Rachel LeeAmbassador
Michael BuieAmbassador and TEN BAM Team
Dexter Slatter
Dexter SlatterAmbassador
Helen Harflett
Helen HarflettAmbassador