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Europe has the smallest percentage of evangelical Christians of any continent—only 2.5% and is the world’s most needy mission field.

For more than 50 years, UK Christians and local churches have been praying, partnering, donating and sending teams through Transform Europe Network to assist the indigenous movement of church planting, evangelism and compassionate care in Europe.

Our Strategy

Fundamentally we believe in transformation through grassroots development. Of course, the Bible is full of accounts of ordinary people living extraordinary, transformative lives. Their faith-filled endeavours turn the pages of history and indeed nothing has changed.

Today, brave Christian men and women are church planting across Europe, often in unknown and unheard of towns, villages and cities that are far from the epi-centres of Christendom. Alongside these more traditional models of church growth are compassion projects, education initiatives and evangelistic endeavours—indeed whatever seems to be the right approach for reaching people and places.

TEN supports many of these amazing people and has built up a significant network of contacts amongst the Christian nationals of Europe. By supporting indigenous nationals we believe that mission becomes much more effective. Nationals automatically have the linguistic and cultural skills needed to reach their own communities, and are more likely to remain resident in their own country for the long-term, rather than depart when a new opportunity arises.

The strategy for support and growth boils down to the most ancient of customs—to tell their story. At TEN we tirelessly write about, talk about, meet about and campaign about the needs of God’s amazing people across Europe, always seeking for Christian individuals and churches to come alive with a desire to be a part of the story too.

Individual Christians, churches, organisations and denominations can partner in myriad ways, from supporting a church in Europe, to sending a short-term mission team. We are always keen to spend time with anybody who wishes to partner, be they giving £2 a month or an amount with many zeroes at the end, so that their involvement is a true expression of their own mission calling and passion.

In terms of overarching strategy we have a three-year plan with targets and goals but we hold to them lightly, knowing that this is God’s ministry and any sense of control we have is illusory. Indeed, we feel more like stewards of a sacred trust and whilst we endeavour to do our utmost, we are wary that this does not become ‘our work’.

We currently assist 60 church partners across 12 countries and place this vision before God, praying that His Kingdom come, and His will be done in Europe, as it is in Heaven.

Statement of Faith

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