We are committed to following Jesus Christ in all we are as individuals and as an organisation. Jesus Christ is central to everything we do. We following the teachings of the Bible which directs us in what we do and how we operate. Prayer is the foundation of what we do, it underpins every aspect of our work. We believe in the power of prayer to change things for good.


Doing the very best we can in our work is our act of worship to God and brings glory to His name. This means having clear standards, plans and objectives and being responsive supporting one another. We keep our processes and procedures in line with the required standards. We take full responsibility for our actions seeking to excel in all we do.


Servant-hearted friendship and partnership are foundational to how we operate. We are a people based organisation seeking to serve local nationals, in order to change communities for the good and point people to Jesus Christ. We seek to put the people we serve at the heart of what we do. Our Partnerships are based upon mutual respect, transparent and honest dialogue, with trust, sincerity and accountability to each other. We seek to work in unity with like-minded people who share the same values to reach Europe for Jesus Christ. We are just one piece of what God is doing in building His Kingdom in Europe. We are working in partnership in the Gospel.


Many of our partners are working in some of the neediest parts of Europe. They work sacrificially and tirelessly in seeking to see people’s lives and their communities changed for the good. We serve these dedicated partners and seek to encourage, envision, equip and inspire them to ‘press on’ in the work God has called them into.


Our local partners find themselves in many diverse, often difficult and complicated situations. Dealing with this day to day, calls for prayer and being sensitive and listening to the Holy Spirit. God is a creative God and we are made in his image. We greatly value the God given authentic creativity within each individual and promote local responses to local situations. We value the individual and the collective creativity to provide the right response and solutions to local situations. We are not prescriptive but encourage innovative and original solutions to meet the local needs.


Jesus left us with many instructions before He returned to be with His Father in heaven. He commissioned us, the Church to go and be His hands, His feet and His voice to the world, proclaiming good news to the poor, freedom to the captives, sight to the blind and make disciples. We are passionate about this great commission, about sharing the gospel message of Jesus. It is one of compassion, love, grace and reconciliation; it is a message that transforms lives and communities and is core to what we do.


We partner with all evangelical denominations and seek to serve the local church without prejudice and insist the end recipients of support are of any faith, culture and ethnic origin. We do not impose our western styles of church operation, but we encourage the local church to work together in unity and be the expression of Christ and His Kingdom values to meet the specific local needs and cultural challenges. We are convinced the local church is best placed to be able to contextualise the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Holy Spirit

Understanding we are a piece of God’s amazing plan for Europe, inspires us to be sensitive to His voice, waiting for Him to prompt us to act upon His instructions. We recognise if we are to work in harmony, giving glory to God, then we need to follow the conductor’s instructions playing our part when required. Listening to the Holy Spirit and responding to Him is a critical core value.

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