When you feel hungry…

Today I’m thinking about the task of preparing hot meals in winter. I wish to  talk about the challenges of buying ingredients when food is scarce and preparing food on a simple stove. This  will highlight more of the striking differences between our experience of winter in the UK and that of many families in Eastern Europe. Feel free to share this content with your friends…

Bob Northey, Communications Officer, TEN

This year will be very challenging for poverty-stricken families in Eastern Europe. Drought has affected large regions of Eastern Europe, resulting in small or failed  harvests. This means a loss of income to purchase winter supplies, a lack of food to store and no money to purchase seed for the next harvest. The lack of animal feed and rocketing prices jeopardises the livelihoods of thousands of rural farmers. Cows, sheep and goats may have to be slaughtered due to the risk of them starving to death.

Roma children are fed every day by Mission Possible Bulgaria with support from WinterHelp

In the West, we happily buy our groceries from supermarkets and often choose convenience food. Within a few minutes, the microwave prepares a hot, appetising meal. Life is so different for poor families who rely on their wood-burning stove or gas burner to prepare a meal for several families. It is no wonder that such families welcome the distribution of food parcels and hot meals through TEN’s WinterHelp appeal. This is like food from heaven. Donations made to WinterHelp have already made a huge difference to children and adults you are unlikely to ever meet. Thank you.

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At Novi Sad Christian Fellowship in Serbia, hot meals are prepared and shared with homeless people in the church building. This special outreach called Hand for a Friend is run by Christian volunteers and brings hope and dignity to forgotten people.