Country Stats

  • Population: 142 million

  • Area: 16,995,800 sq km

  • Capital: Moscow

  • Language: Russian

  • Currency: Russian Rouble

  • Unemployment rate: 5.7%

  • Religion: Historically Orthodox Christianity is the major Russian religion, however the vast
    majority of Orthodox believers do not attend church regularly. 1.2% Evangelicals (Source: Operation World)

TEN is helping Russia to overcome corruption and homelessness. We support our Russian partners as they serve the poor and share the love of Jesus. Some of the ways they currently help include nursing in a children’s home, assisting the elderly and vulnerable and distributing Bibles amongst rural populations.

Our Partners in Russia

Prayer Requests

  • Operation World believes that over 1 million children live on the streets of Russia, please pray for their safety during the brutal winters but ultimately for homes and care long term.

  • The North Caucasus region of Russia is a collection of eight small republics in the west of Russia. The whole region is politically unstable as people there resent Russian domination. With help from the Muslim world, Many Muslims in this region are calling for the area to become an independent Islamist state. Pray for peace and stability for the people living there.

  • Pray for the church in Russia, with such an enormous number of people to reach, speaking over 100 languages, across such a vast land mass.

  • Pray that new anti-terror / anti-radicalization legislation introduced by President Putin in 2016 that bans evangelistic activity and Christian meetings in people’s homes will not hinder the spread of the gospel.

  • Please pray against corruption and crime in Russia. The church is not immune from corruption; pray that people using religion to further themselves will be ousted and that it does not undermine good work that is happening.

  • Instability and poverty in Russia has greatly affected Russian society. Pray against issues of crime, drug abuse, family breakdown and suicide that continue to be prevalent.

The Need

Russia suffered dreadfully during WWI, food and fuels were in short supply and peasants began to protest violently. Lenin led a revolution overthrowing the Tsar and gaining the support of the proletariat. Following the war came the creation of the Soviet Union, which went on to absorb 14 neighbouring states.

WWII was equally devastating; Russia made enormous sacrifices on the Eastern Front. The Soviet Union lost over 27 million people, half of all the WWII casualties. Post-war saw Stalin lead with a communist agenda signalling the Cold War between the Soviets and USA.

The Soviet Union disbanded in 1989 following Mikhail Gorbachev’s restructuring and in particular his policy to allow access to information as opposed to government repression. The Baltic nations sought autonomy and communism fell. Russian independence spurned a dreadful recession and hyperinflation. Russia embarked on the largest and fastest privatisation that the world has ever seen. The criminal mafia pounced upon this rapid capitalist model and takeovers became hostile and dangerous manoeuvres.

Russia has subsequently made steady economic progress and is well ahead of most other resource-rich countries in its development. The country has a fantastic work ethic and a hardened, driven society. They have a long tradition of education, science and industry.

Criminal activity is still commonplace and the recent tumultuous history still lingers. Rural Russia is still in dire conditions and the contrast in wealth between the wealthy and the poor is stark and unjust.