Country Stats

  • Population: 625,516

  • Area: 14,026 sq km

  • Capital: Podgorica

  • Language: Ijekavian dialect of Serbia

  • Currency: Euro

  • Unemployment rate: 21.3%

  • Religion: 77% Orthodox 0.0% Evangelicals (Source: Operation World)

TEN is helping support its partners in Montenegro to see church growth and to share God’s love by serving the poor.

Our Partners in Montenegro

Prayer Requests

  • The evangelical community is tiny, but multiplying. The Pentecostals, Baptists and Brethren all have active growing churches. Pray for the growth of evangelical churches in Montenegro; Bar, Budva, Kotor, Niksic, Podgorica and Ulcinj.

  • Montenegro has the smallest number of believers in any European country, please pray to the Lord of the harvest.

  • Please pray for the outreach teams that visit Montenegro every summer and that there may be fruit.

  • Pray for the steadfast witness of faithful pastors and evangelists who in the face of opposition, seek after unity among denominations and for fruitful ministry.

  • Pray that God would raise up Montenegrin church leaders and evangelists.

The Need

Montenegro borders with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. It is a beautiful country with a large mass of mountains and a very small, but beautiful coastline; once part of the Republic of Venice. Montenegro originally stems from what was the Serbian principality of Zeta; for many centuries it was under the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Independence wasn’t achieved by Montenegro until after it was under Austro-Hungarian rule in 1878.

Not dissimilar to its neighboring countries, Montenegro has seen the onslaught of many wars, both civil and worldwide. World War I saw Montenegro lose to the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes – all part of Yugoslavia at the time (1929). When communism overtook Yugoslavia after World War II, Yugoslavia entered into a ten year civil war because of its ethnic and nationalist differences. This was after the death of Josip Tito, former President of Yugoslavia. The brutal civil war saw only Serbia and Montenegro remain as the republics of Yugoslavia. In 2003 they formed a new state called Serbia and Montenegro. It wasn’t until 2006 that Montenegro once again gained independence. It is classified today as a middle-income country and is currently a candidate for EU membership and NATO.

There are only four registered evangelical churches in Montenegro with probably no more than 200 believers. However, new churches are being planted and there are many opportunities for evangelism.

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