The Great Commission Church (Son Buyruk Kilisesi) was established in 1990 in Üsküdar district of Istanbul and is pastored by Metin Mintaz. The population of Istanbul is 15 million and Uskudar is the one of biggest districts of Istanbul with 1 million population. The population of Turkey is 80 million and the number of Christian believers is around 6,000. There are around 55 evangelical churches in Turkey.

The most important vision of our church was being a church with Turkish leaders and a community that consists of mostly Turkish members.

Secondly, to plant and build churches in places where there are no churches. For the last few years, we have been working to spread the Gospel to places where there are no churches and working to start churches.

In an eastern city of Turkey, our church has been running for three years and we have a group of people with 8 believers. This group comes together in a brother’s home. However, in Turkey it’s hard to come together as believers in a home and it may cause some problems. We would like to rent a place for our fellow-believers  to come together.

We also will start working to build a new church in a western city of Turkey. There are some people who interested in Gospel in this city and Pastor Metin will go to this city in this month to visit them.

We need servants, teachers and leaders, in order to do church works more actively. We are working at growing people who do these services.

Prayer Points

  • New believers are often rejected by their families and community.

  • The needs of people who are jobless and poor in our church. Unemployment and poverty is widespread.

  • For mature people, with a servant-heart, who have gifts of Holy Spirit for leadership, teaching and other ministries.

  • Pray for a church building. It’s hard to rent a place for a church to meet in Turkey as landlords don’t want to rent their buildings to church.

  • Pray for those who will serve in the churches we wish to plant in new places.

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Sonbuyruk Church | Turkey

Son Buyruk Church

We need £195,000 to buy a plot and erect a church building.

We ask for £172 each month to help poor people in our church.

We ask for £189 each month to support the church-planting team