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In 2003 Nikola and Daniela Atanasovi began to minister in a church which is 30 km. away from the city of Plovdiv, where we live. This is the church in the village of Shishmantsi. The church had about 10 people, mainly Roma. Most of them were illiterate and not all of them knew who Jesus was and what He had done. Initially we wanted to give this church up, but God had a different plan. We began to love these people with all of our hearts and serving them became a priority to us.

Today we remain the leaders of the church in Shishmantsi. In the beginning the church was completely Roma and previous pastors used to call it hard soil. Many of the visitors did not know why they were coming at all, what are they looking for and what is this all about. There was a tension, conflicts and even fights. With perseverance, a lot of love and already mutual trust, today we have a church in the full meaning of the word, which is now mixed with Bulgarian natives and Roma.

The other church we support is in the village of Yasno Pole is a small one and has 10-12 members. The place we gather is a caravan situated in the fields in the suburbs of the village. People are sincere, they are looking for God and love worshipping Him. The biggest need they have is unity. It may sound strange, because they are so little in number and yet they have had enmities and conflicts between themselves for many years. Even if one of them is quiet another one comes up and thus one and the same problem appears again in a different way.

The church in the village of Tsarimir is a home fellowship without a prayer house. With lack of local employment, many believers spend months working abroad and the numbers fall to between 10 – 20. However, there are weeks when attendance rises up to 40 people. The members of the church are genuine, pure-hearted and wonderful brothers and sisters.

Prayer Points

  • Unity among the believers

  • Repentance among the non-believers

  • For the young people to be deeply rooted in God and to be on fire for Him

  • For our churches to be accepted by the local authorities and native Bulgarians

  • Pray that we will see the fruit of our labour – a lasting change in people and many more Bulgarians added to the church

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Shalom Church - Plovdiv

Shalom Church, Plovdiv

Shalom Church - Plovdiv

Shalom Church, Plovdiv