Vladimir Cizmanski


Podgorica Evangelical Church

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Before 1990, there were no known evangelical believers in Montenegro. In 1992, after the collapse of communism, Vladimir Cizmanski came as a missionary from Serbia to plant a church in the capital city, Podgorica.

Born and raised in a Christian home in Serbia, Vladimir experienced his second birth when he was just twelve. In his teens, God put a desire in his heart to go to the mission field of neighbouring Montenegro. Eleven years later, God miraculously opened the door to go to city with just one missionary and a couple of Evangelical believers. Montenegro is considered to be the least evangelized country in Europe. In 1996, Vladimir married Marijana and together they pastor the small, but growing Podgorica Evangelical Church. God willing, they now plan to build the first evangelical church building in the country.

Montenegrins are sensitive regarding the visible expressions of religious meeting places. A public, officially recognised facility is very important because it shows transparency, dedication and stability.

The current need is to complete the ambitious church building project to serve as a meeting place for the church, provide facilities for the children’s ministry, create office space for mission organisations, host a mission-training centre and to provide lodgings for visiting mission teams. The proposed four-storey, 9,500 square foot building is currently under construction with support from architects in Slovakia and Estonia and help from Stoneworks International in San Antonia, Texas, USA. There remains a funding gap to complete the project, however Vladimir and the team continue to look to God’s provision through the generosity of His people around the world.

Prayer Points

  • That the proclamation of God’s word will continue to bear fruit in Podgorica.

  • For Vladimir, as he leads the church in a country with only 300 or so evangelical believers among a population of 650,000 mostly Orthodox Christians.

  • For God to provide the remaining finance to complete the new building for the church.

  • For on-going unity among the evangelical churches in Montenegro.

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