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Bitola Roma Evangelical Church

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My name is Tefik Musoski. The Lord, together with my wife Anita blessed us with three children. Shimka, Tavita and Elizej. I come from a Muslim background and until I was 17 years old there was a void I was trying to fulfill with the practices of Islam or Jehovah’s Witnesses. It could not be fulfilled until the moment when I believed in Christ, through a friend of mine.

After several years of walking in faith with Christ, God put into my mission into my heart, putting a love for the Roma in Prilep and Bitola. So I began to build friendships, to visit families, first in Prilep in one part of the Roma settlement, and shared the good news about Christ.

In parallel with the start of the ministry in Prilep, God put on my heart the Roma people in Bitola. So we started to visit the settlement in Bitola by building friendly contacts, sharing the Good News for Christ. Together with the family we moved and started a church. We contacted the Prilep contacts at the church in Prilep.

Together with Anita, we work with more than 40 families and about 35-40 children and we have brought over 30 families to Christ. Our passion, which in fact is our hear,t is to see how the Roma give their lives to Christ and grow in our Lord Jesus Christ. Although mainly our target group is the Roma, however, we want to build relationships with other nations leading them to Christ, in order to grow together and celebrate the Lord together.

Our vision is building friendships through which we want to get to know our Lord Jesus Christ. In the last three years, God has put Southwest Macedonia on our hearts, which almost covers (geographically) half of Macedonia. Where about 40-50% of the popularity of the religious base is Muslim. Mostly Roma, Albanians, Turks, Macedonian Muslims (Torbeshi), Bosnians, etc.

This region is a good ground for evangelism, so our vision and goal is to help the local churches that are there ( about 12 churches ) to provide training for working with Muslims, especially in the area of discipleship and literacy.

Prayer Points

  • To be effective in his ministry as he serves the Roma people in Macedonia.

  • That the believers will not fall away and many more will be added.

  • For the completion of the church building in Bitola.

  • For a new church-plant in Southwestern Macedonia.

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