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Sofia Baptist Church

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Teodor and Dimitrina Oprenov (we know them by their nicknames Teddy and Didi) serve in a joint ministry at Sofia Baptist Church, Bulgaria. This dedicated couple have been ministering in Sofia and the country of Bulgaria for over 20 years.

They have been involved in youth, children and women’s ministry, in running Alpha courses, building teams of volunteers for various ministries, social work serving the needy and neglected by society – Roma, orphans, homeless and most recently refugees. Bringing hope to people in need, giving someone dignity to help themselves, empowering the powerless to build their future and guiding people in finding the love of God and developing a relationship with Christ have always inspired and motivated them in their work. Although they are two very different characters – together they make a fantastic team and complement each other in the various tasks which are able to cover a huge variety of needs.

Both Teddy and Didi graduated from Spurgeon’s College with Bachelor Degrees and then continued their studies at the International Baptist Theological Seminar completing Master of Theology Degrees. They have two girls: Anna-Margarita who is a talented musician, violinist, singer and composer and Sophia-Alexandra who loves horses and art.

Three distinctive facts:

  1. Although Didi is an extrovert and loves being with people, she finds mountains fascinating, with the expanse of the hills, the sound and freshness of the forests, the quiet long walks…One of her favourite things has become undisturbed mountain trekking for a week in the summer.
  2. Teddy is big on sports, but as he does not get time to practice any of them he has decided to support the Christian Motorcyclists Association in Bulgaria and has joined them. Many do not recognise the pastor who is normally dressed respectably with a tie to suddenly being dressed in motorbike get up.
  3. Both Teddy and Didi grew up in families of craftsmen, so it has always been in their veins to put their hands on something useful. They have recently got into glass work. Although they do not get much time for it they love relaxing and making things with glass.

Prayer Points

  • For the last 10 years they have been raising funds and developing plans for a new church building and social centre in Sofia and they are eager to see it used to its full potential.

  • Pray for them as they serve – that God will send the right people and professionals needed for the various ministries with right hearts to minister alongside them.

  • Pray for them as a family, that they might find time to be together, to be refreshed in the company of one another and in God, so that they can be strong and effective wherever God has placed them.

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