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Slavko is the pastor of an evangelical church “Kosevsko brdo” in Sarajevo, capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. He  is married to Sanja and they have two children, Jovana and David. Jovana is involved in the leadership of the church teenage group and David is part of the worship team. Sanja leads the church ministries serving women and children.

There are less than 1000 evangelical Christians in Bosnia among a population of 3.5 million, and with few church leaders; so Slavko is a man with “many hats”. Besides pastoring a local church, he is denominational secretary, board member of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, national co-ordinator for the Alpha course, coordinator for Langham Preaching International, board member of a Bible School and a teacher with the Bible School. You never would have guessed that Slavko’s passion is evangelism and preaching.

Fact about Slavko: He has had cancer twice, eight and five years ago. After God’s double healing, Slavko’s tests remain clear.

Prayer Points

  • For Slavko’s health; that it will remain good and that God will give him strength for all tasks and duties that He has for him.

  • For the Lord’s blessing and protection on all the Hadzic family.

  • Church growth in both number and maturity.

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