Ruslan and Larisa Tepiz


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Ruslan Tepiz came to the Lord in December 1998 when he was just 22 years of age. After a sinful life and earning his existence through theft he was challenged to repent while attempting to steal something from the Baptist Church in Goteşti; which he now pastors. The Church was founded by pastor Mark McCormick a few months earlier during the summer of 1998.

In 1999 Ruslan married Larisa and together they have 3 children – David, Rut and Emily. Ruslan was ordained as a deacon in 2002 and for many years he served in Gotesti and took part in missions to two villages nearby. He is now the pastor of the Baptist Church in Gotesti and is also leads the social ministries. Larisa is also involved in the ministry with the sisters from our church, the local women and widows. Gotesti church has 46 members, 20 teenagers and 30 children in its Day Care Centre and Sunday School.

One of the great challenges relates to the teenagers in the church, who on reaching 15 years of age then go to High Schools in different towns or other countries because there is no local High School. Another heart-breaking issue is the migration abroad of young families looking for jobs. Ruslan and Larisa thank God for the brothers and sisters who’ve refused to go abroad and have decided to stay in Moldova in order to serve the Lord there and support the elderly, sick  and physically-disabled people.

Prayer Points

  • For me personally to grow deeper in my personal relationship with the Lord.

  • For my family – for unity and love.

  • To be a good pastor for the church in Gotesti.

  • To have a clearer vision for the evangelism of Gotesti and the neighbouring villages.

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