Roumen and Mariana Ivanov


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The family of Roumen and Mariana Ivanovi celebrate their ruby wedding anniversary in 2017. Since the very beginning of their marriage their home has been a place where the underground church of Sofia has gathered. After the fall of the communist regime in Bulgaria in 1989 they started their ministry at Christian organization, Mission Possible.

Roumen is the leader of Mission Possible and he testifies that though the ministry at Mission Possible God has fulfilled all his dreams for Bulgaria – serving the Church as Body of Christ; by training for church leaders, restoration programme for women, soup kitchens and literacy classes for children living in poverty; vocational training for Roma girls, children and youth camps in multicultural environment, printing Christian resources in the Bulgarian language.

Prayer Points

  • God to summon energetic, dedicated and visionary ministers from the new generation of Bulgarians.

  • Bulgaria to emerge from the spiritual, political and economic crisis.

  • More Bulgarians to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord.

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