Protestant Christian Fellowship Novi Sad is a church with 250 members that seeks to be relevant to the residents of Novi Sad, and to respond to needs of people in Serbia. The vision of the church, pastored by Dusan Beredi and his wife, Mirjana is a dream to see Serbia’s second city, Novi Sad transformed under the influence of the Holy Spirit. We translate this dream into action by building a modern church where all are welcome and where there reigns an atmosphere of love, hope, worship, prayer, discipleship and action. We aim to reach 10% of our fellow citizens for Christ and have planted two other churches in the cities Sombor and Temerin.

The church used to work with war refugees, as well as people affected by war. Although humanitarian activities are still significant part of church’s life, many new ministries now take place:

  • Rainbow Rehabilitation Center: heroin and alcohol drug addicts recovery
  • Royal Rangers: Christian Scouts engaging 40 kids and teens
  • New Stream: Goal is to reach artistic population with Gospel
  • Alpha course: the church hosts the Alpha West Balkans Office and we run Alpha three times a year
  • School of Prayer: Vision is to equip 7,000 prayer warriors for Salvation of Serbia.
  • Besides all that also camps, Evangelization English camp, Christian music production

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the Protestant Christian Fellowship Novi Sad church and its ministry to the city

  • Pray for on-going Alpha courses, for people to come to Christ
  • Pray for summer camps – kids, teens and English camp

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Protestant Christian Fellowship Church | Novi Sad | Serbia

Protestant Fellowship Church

£ 40 helps a child to participate in the camp

£ 300 per month to rehabilitate a drug addict

£ 5,000 for the reconstruction of church buildings into an exhibition space.

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