Over 1,500 children live on the streets in Romania according to estimates by UNICEF. These children come from a variety of backgrounds, but a new phenomenon is that some of these Romanian children are born on the streets to parents who themselves grew up on the streets.

These children of street children have never experienced a warm home with running water, regular hot meals or so many other things we take for granted every day. All they know is the daily struggle to survive. Additional pressures in today’s society include the availability of drugs and the very real risk for young girls of being stolen and trafficked. Many are drug addicts, sniffing glue or aerosols to escape the harsh reality of their daily lives. When winter comes, temperatures drop to as low as minus 30c, so many of these children live beneath the streets amongst the hot water pipes that crisscross the cities, emerging only to forage for food.

Project Romanian Rescue started in 1997 in the city of Constanta to help these children. There are two homes – one for girls and one for boys who would otherwise be living on the streets. Each home has a loving staff team who teach family values, and children have the opportunity to go to school and church. The PRR team also make visits to the many people living on the streets, giving out food and being available to talk and pray with them about concerns and problems.

Prayer Points

  • For patience for the PRR staff, who often work long hours without pay due to the limited financial income.

  • For protection for those children who still live on the streets.

  • That the children growing up in the homes will know God’s love in their lives.

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Can you support the work of Heart to Heart?

  • £50 provides food for one day at the day centre, feeding over 40 people.
  • £300 covers the monthly rent for the day centre, providing a refuge for the vulnerable.
  • £1800 covers the costs for a month, providing for children and young people who have been forgotten by society.

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