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Plamen and Kremi Borisov


Church Planter

If you wish to support the work of Plamen and Kremi in any way, please get in touch with the TEN office.

Plamen became a Christian in 1990 and soon began establishing churches in local villages. His travels often meant walking up to 30km. Plamen, and wife Kremi, ministered to a church in their local town for three years before hearing God’s call to move to Sevlievo.

It was very difficult for us, but we did it. We were persecuted for our faith and ministry in various ways, spiritually and physically. The place where we work is in the centre of Bulgaria. In this region there are many Muslims and there are no evangelical churches around us. We have people who come from other settlements in our church. That is why we want to train workers and create churches in other settlements.

Today, we work hard in the following three areas: evangelism, discipleship and leadership and the challenge is to juggle all our commitments.

Bulgaria is the poorest member of the EU, and not just financially. Christians in Bulgaria have a history of being persecuted for their faith under the Communist regime (1980’s) which has left Bulgaria in a state lacking religious freedom. Evangelicals in the country stand at only 1.9%.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for new people to be saved in the city of Sevlievo.

  • Pray for a family to be assistant pastors in the church.

  • Pray that God would provide our own church building, because rents are very expensive and the premises are very small and inappropriate for church ministry.

  • Pray for the spiritual and physical health for everyone in my family.

  • Pray that Plamen and Kremi’s children will find friends who are believers.

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