Mission Possible Bulgaria exists to help churches reach people for Jesus, and to help individuals both physically and spiritually. The team is passionate about evangelism, education and training, and help for the needy.

Sometimes this help is directed though the church to needy and suffering non-believers. Other times the help is for the body of the local church. This is because MP team strongly believe that if the church invests and builds its own people spiritually and emotionally, they could become real ministers for the Good news and could serve the Lord effectively.

The range of programmes run by Mission Possible Bulgaria includes: training for church leaders; the Hem of His Garment course for women, soup kitchens and literacy classes for children living in poverty; printing Christian resources in the Bulgarian language; vocational training to help Roma girls find employment and so break out of the cycle of poverty; and distribution of humanitarian aid. More recently, Mission Possible have set up a refuge for abused women.

The face of the post-communism legacy is ugly: almost dead economically, untrusted political system, neglected and bitter old people, frustrated middle-age people and youngsters fleeing abroad  – in search for better future. It seems as if there is no hope for Bulgaria. But MP team believes that there is hope. THE HOPE in Jesus Christ. The team is built by people from different Christian denominations. They are all devoted to serve for enlarging the Kingdom of God in Bulgaria and across the Balkans. The vision and commitment of this small team is amazing, and they trust in God as they follow Him on the journey of transforming their nation.

Bulgaria joined the European Union in 2007 after a history of communism followed by a mafia-style government in the 1990s. Today, the wealth gap is increasing, with 35% of rural inhabitants unemployed and those in the city having to work in two or three jobs to survive. Not only is Bulgaria the poorest member of the EU, it is also poorer than many of its neighbouring countries unable to enter the EU.

Prayer Points

  • For the team as they seek to follow God’s will for the ministry.

  • For all those who will seek refuge in the coming years.

  • For all those who Mission Possible minister to, to know the love of God in their lives.

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Mission Possible Bulgaria

Mission Possible Bulgaria team

  • £10 will pay for a Roma child to go to a soup kitchen for one month.
  • £42 will help students finish high school with help from professional teachers.
  • £3,420 would transform an entire village with a soup kitchen and literacy programme through the winter.

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