Dragan and Biljana Manev | Veles | Macedonia


If you wish to support the work of Dragan and Biljana in any way, please get in touch with the TEN office.

Mirco and Nada work full time and lead the church. They have two adult daughters, Eli and Anastasia. Eli is accountant and Anastasia is midwife. Both of them are invovled in the worship of the church. Anastasia is one of the leaders for the teenagers. Nada is involved in the children’s and women’s ministry. Most of all she is working with sick people visits hospitals almost every day.

Mirco is Superintendent for the Evangelical Church in Macedonia. Mirco is also Pastor in the Evangelical church in Skopje, and also leading AGAPE Ministry, the humanitarian branch of the evangelical church mainly working with refugees from Middle East.

Prayer Points

  • Mirco’s health condition is bad. Please pray. He has twice had brain strokes. He also has diabetes, problems with the blood pressure and heart problems.

  • Pray for Macedonia and the government with its political problems. Pray for the Macedonians to spent more time thinking for God.

  • Pray for wisdom and guidance to plant new churches. We have a few places where we have beginnings now, and to how to develop them going forwards. Also for the contacts we have with SaRang Community Church in South Korea – Vision for Macedonia.

  • Pray for the Bible School, to know how to develop further the vision for the school , for new students, because we need new people who will be equipped to be leaders.

  • Pray for the ongoing work with refugees ‘trapped’ in Macedonia following the closure of the Greek border.

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