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Hervin and Sedika Fushekati - Transform Europe Now


River Bank Church

If you wish to support the work of Hervin and Sedika in any way, please get in touch with the TEN office.

In a country where Christianity was officially nonexistent in 1991, it’s thanks to leaders like Hervin and Sedika Fushekati that there are now around 30,000 believers.

Hervin , supported by his wife Sedika , leads the Church of God in Albania which has 13 churches currently . Hervin pastors the central COG church in Tirana and is supported by Sedika who works with women and in other areas. He mentors church leaders across Albania and has been responsible for supporting numerous  church planters within COG and beyond . He has a regular broadcasting spot on an Albanian Christian media channel .

Hervin also leads the pioneering International School for Theological Leadership (ISTL) which aims to give Bible teaching and skills training to pastors and church planters who want to further the work of the Kingdom in Albania . Currently 10% of the ISTL student are from the Church of God group with the remainder from other church denominations in Albania and newly from Kosovo also . He works as a translator to support his family , while Sedika is a HR Director working for World Vision Albania . Their two sons Joel and Edon are involved in the church and Joel has recently successfully transitioned to his next educational level .  Hervin and Sedika are committed to reaching their country and sharing their faith with non-believers.

Prayer Points

  • Encouragment for Hervin and Sedika as they have leadership responsibility for many Christians across Albania.

  • For River Bank Church, Tirana to be a flagship church in the capital city with a heart for mission in Albania.

  • That the International School of Theology and Leadership will help raise up many strong Christian leaders, to be effective throughout Albania.

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