Emanuel Hospice is a charity established in Oradea, Romania, whose mission is to provide, in the spirit of Christian love, an optimal quality of life to patients diagnosed with advanced cancer or other terminal conditions. The care extends to the families as they aim to try and meet their vulnerability at such a hard time.

The palliative home care services are offered free of charge, without any discrimination to the eligible adult and children patients, by an interdisciplinary team of Christian professionals. The team consists of one doctor, four nurses, two social workers, one psychologist and one spiritual counsellor.

Since it was established in 1996, Emanuel Hospice has cared for more than 2,500 adults and children, enabling them to live the remainder of their life in comfort and dignity. When the hospice concept was first introduced in Romania there was no legislative framework or regulations for these desperately needed services, TEN became the primary partner to support Marinela Rotariu during the early years the hospice project. Marinela is the executive Director of Emanuel Hospice.

Prayer Points

  • Ask for God’s wisdom and guidance regarding for Marinela in her role as Executive Director of the hospice.

  • Pray for the hospice team to experience God’s constant presence and blessings as they use their competencies and abilities to minister to the dying.

  • Pray that their physical emotional and spiritual needs of the patients and their families will be addressed with professionalism, dedication and Christian love by the hospice team.

  • Ask for God’s provision for the financial, material and human resources needed for the new hospice building to be completed.

  • Pray that church partners and supporters to remain committed in their support for the hospice cause in Oradea.

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Emanuel Hospice team in Oradea

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