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If you wish to support the work of Dragan and Biljana in any way, please get in touch with the TEN office.

Dragan Manev and his wife, Biljana have two young children: Daniel and Marija. They are serving the Lord Jesus Christ in pastoral ministry in the Veles Evangelical Church in Macedonia. They are also leading the Roma church in Veles.

Dragan’s main gifts are organization, preaching, evangelism, teaching the Word of God, mission and church planting ministry. Biljana serves with singing in the worship team and serving amongst the women. She also teaches the Roma children and teen with Bible lessons.They are in the process of opening a new church in the south of Macedonia in the town of Resen, where there is no evangelical church, following a special outreach in the summer of 2016.

By the grace of God, they plan to move to Resen as a family in June 2017 and serve in church planting ministry there and keep close links with both the Evangelical Church and Evangelical Roma church in Veles especially if there is need for mentoring, helping and serving together with the new leaders there.

For Dragan and Biljana, sharing of the good news in Macedonia is their top priority. One of their favourite ways to evangelise is by using a puppet show ministry.

Beside their pastoral work, Dragan, as a graduate of theology, wrote a booklet titled, ‘The Truth about Black Magic’. The booklet is important for ‘vaccination’ and evangelism of the people in Macedonia because the people are so open and engaged in the occult practices.

A few interesting facts about Dragan & Biljana:

  • Dragan eats a lot of garlic and onion, while Biljana cannot stand their smell.
  • Dragan is fast and Biljana slow, so they make a good balance as a team.
  • Their “job description” is more than just pastoral. It includes taxing, physical work, and sometimes tourist guides

Prayer Points

  • Please pray for our transition time as we are preparing to plant new church in the south of Macedonia in the town Resen where there is no any evangelical church

  • Pray for new leaders in Veles that will take over Evangelical Church – Veles, and Evangelical Roma church in Veles

  • Pray for our children Daniel and Maria as they will move in the town Resen with us and enter in a new school there.

  • Pray for God’s provision as we are move and settle into the town of Resen

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