Pastor: Anatoli and Dessie Yankov

We started in a small room of 20 square meters in our home city of Svishtov with about 8 believers, mostly adults, some of whom are already in the glory of God. In the year 2000 we moved to a new location where we still are at the moment. God began to gradually add new people to the church and we reached about 50 believers with the children. We are committed to building strong families who lift the name of Christ in our town, in their workplaces and in their homes. We hold family gatherings two or three times a year where we share the word of God.

Our church has a long history, but in 2007 it became part of the Shalom family of churches in Bulgaria. For some time now we have been hosting meetings for mothers with young children to encourage them, pray for them and exhort them in continuing to bring up their children. In these meetings they share what they face in raising their children and are mutually encouraged.

We have a ministry for children deprived of family care. Each week we hold a prayer meeting. We have a home group for new believers, which is held weekly.

We have had both very difficult and joyful times. In the middle of 2018, the church had to move to a new place that, to our delight, turned out to be way larger and more convenient than the previous one. This led to expansion of the ministry and more believers joining hands to help the church and its needs.

We hold a weekly prayer meeting, and another one aimed at the youth and the children of the church, where non-Christian youths attend from the new neighborhood. Our passion is to see the younger generation grow in their faith in Christ and serve Him with a whole heart.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for Bulgaria. Our politicians tried to pass a law in 2018, forbidding the freedom to confess one’s faith in God. Some wanted to close the Protestant churches and restrict their funding from outside sources, thus limiting their impact over Bulgaria. God prevailed and for now we continue in our freedoms.

  • Pray for the economy in our country and our town of Svishtov. We are experiencing rising prices of staple foods and other essentials but no wage rises.d to shine.

  • Pray for those believers going through hard times, financial difficulties, depression or health issues.

  • Pray that we as individuals, and the church as a whole, will be strengthened in the Lord and act as living testimonies in the place we are planted by God.

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