Beginning of Life’s objective is to end human trafficking in Moldova within 10 years. This is a huge task, because 100,000 of Moldova’s people have been trafficked. That’s three in every hundred people, at least four or five in every typical street.

They are tricked or trapped into being sent abroad— throughout Europe (including the UK), Russia and Ukraine, the Middle East, even as far as Australia. They are exploited as slave labour, or in the sex trade, or for organ harvesting. Many are killed.

Beginning of Life’s (BoL) mission is to restore God’s original purpose for the holistic and harmonious development of a person and to bring back social justice along with community transformation.

Vladimir and Yulia Ubeivolc are the husband and wife co-founders of  Beginning of Life NGO in Moldova,

Beginning of Life (BoL) serves those who are deprived of such opportunities, responding appropriately to their physical needs, supporting them in the resolving of their emotional troubles, assisting them in their intellectual development and following them through their spiritual challenges. We see our task as building bridges between people, helping them avoid becoming excluded or marginalized, and empowering them to find their voice in society.

BoL runs two programmes

a) An educational awareness programme, with the aim of enabling a new generation of young leaders to respond to the acute needs and problems of local communities and wider society. We give equal attention to the development of professional and life skills, healthy relationships and habits, and the formation of holistic character based on the values and norms of the Kingdom of God.

b) Metamorphosis is a multi-dimensional programme that seeks deep and holistic restoration of people who have suffered different forms of violence, exploitation or stigmatization, such as victims of human trafficking, orphans, single mothers and people from a context of poverty. We focus strongly on breaking down the vicious circle of poverty and injustice, building sustainability and integrating people back into society.

Beginning of Life (BoL) aids the rescue of victims, within Moldova and from other parts of the world, and offers a comprehensive rehabilitation programme lasting lifelong so that former victims can lead safe, stable and sustainable lives. Recovering victims are offered sophisticated psychological counselling and the use of art therapy; later they receive vocational training and a phased and supported return to normal life.

Refuge is also provided by BoL for those who are already being exploited and are on the edge of trafficking. Very vulnerable teenage girls are offered safe accommodation. Other victims are offered safety in their own homes, with someone to turn to, and a ‘panic button’ response.

BoL runs world-leading programmes to make younger and vulnerable people aware of the dangers they face. Many hundreds of people have avoided being trafficked because of what they have learned in these programmes.

BoL also works with statutory bodies and NGO’s, produces books and videos, and runs conferences across the whole of the former Soviet Union, training others to combat trafficking.

These amazing and life-saving programmes are entirely dependent on generous donors who enable BoL to do carry out their work. TEN has been supporting BoL since 2013 and continues to uphold to their vision of stopping human trafficking across Moldova.

Prayer Points

  • A clear vision of how to increase sustainability

  • To see more fruit from the children and youth projects

  • Successful re-integration of victims of social injustice

  • Courage and strengths for BoL’s teams

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