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Vukovar Church

If you wish to support the work of Antun and Marija in any way, please get in touch with the TEN office.

Fifteen years ago, Antun and his late wife, Marija got a calling to become missionaries in Vukovar—a city heavily destroyed in the Croatian War of Independence. The war consequentially destroyed the city’s economy and high poverty rate.

Besides pastoring the church, Antun has been quite heavily involved in humanitarian work, one important aspect of which was the distribution of Family Food Parcels through which many wounded souls were blessed. Antun can honestly witness how any kind of help (food supplies, wood for heating, etc.) can really give hope to broken people, and can open doors to human hearts. For the last few years they have been especially concentrating on ministry among gypsies. They look forward to bringing Jesus and any kind of help to people who are open and need it most…

Three interesting facts:

  • When Antun and Marija moved to Vukovar, the church building in which they moved still had walls covered with bullet holes.
  • Roma families, to which they minister, often put a smile on Antun and Marija’s faces because even though they had so little, whenever they were leaving their house they offered to give to them homemade bread or vegetables.
  • Their daughter studied Psychology and has inherited their love for serving people.

Prayer Points

  • For the good co-workers – people who are ready and equipped to serve in the Darda mission field. The working field is really big and Antun needs some help.

  • Church building in Darda village. Beside church activities, it will be the centre for various kinds of activities; humanitarian work, different kinds of workshops, teachings, etc. but it first needs to be built.

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