Life in Christ Evangelical Church meets on the second floor of a 9-storey building in the middle of a Tirana district called New Ring . The church started in 2006 as a small group of believers in the center of Tirana met in the door hall of the offices of The Bible League of Albania. After two years we rented a building and planted the church in Unaza e Re. The church has grown along with our vision of multiplication and the planting of other churches by sending our best people.

We exist to bring hope, faith and change in our community and our country by the power of Gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit . Under the leadership of Erion and Geniana Cuni, The church runs many ministries; Social care ( the poor and the needy , the elderly people left alone, drug addicts and there family’s , prison ministry and the family’s of the prisoners, children’s programme.

Our main ministries are small groups and church planting! Our vision is to have in the next 5 years at least 13 churches and 150 small groups.

Our church has already planted two new churches and another one is due to start in September this year!

Prayer Points

  • Pray for our Leaders that they may have wisdom and the guidance from the Holy Spirit as they lead our church and follow the vision God has given.

  • We want to start a youth and student ministry in the coming months, pray for wisdom and favour from God. It’s the missing chain in our ministry, that connects the present and the future of our church.

  • Pray for new leaders to be raised among the believers so the church can grow and full fill her Vision and Mission

  • Having so many ministries, the need of practical and financial help is big, pray for provision from God so we can be equipped to fulfill God’s work.

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Life in Christ Evangelical Church | Tirana | Albania

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