The Baptist Church in Gotesti is pastored by Ruslan Tepiz and his wife Larisa, and started its activity in the summer of 1998 through the work of Pastor Mark McCormick. For several years it grew fast through youths and young families, however since then many had to migrate abroad with their families looking for jobs. This has brought great discouragement inside the church and at the moment there are 46 members.

As a church we work with teenagers, Day Camps, ministries involving children from social-vulnerable people, the Sunday School, our sisters, with the local social-vulnerable people, widows and other social projects in winter and where the Church members are actively involved.

Practical needs:

1. Thermal insulation of the building. A need we have had for many years is the freezing in winter, sometimes we feel very cold on Sundays during the meetings.

2. The Dorca project – we want to prepare a wash room to do the laundry for children from our Day Care Centre and for the social-vulnerable people from our village.

Prayer Points

  • That the Church would get more actively involved in the ministry of evangelism.

  • That our Church will be a light in the village, will grow spiritually and in number.

  • Jobs for those men and women who have decided to stay in Moldova in order to be able to continue sharing the gospel.

  • For our Day Care Centre where we work with social-vulnerable children and their parents who started coming to Church – that they will come to know the Lord personally.

  • That the teenagers in our church will come to know the Lord and that we could reach other teenagers in our village.

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Gotesti Baptist Church

Gotesti Baptist Church

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