Current Needs – hungry children

Please review our list of current needs on behalf of our partners in Europe.

We are looking for individuals and churches interested in sponsoring key people, developing church partnerships, assisting with projects and responding to other specific requests for help. Feel free to share these needs with others and pray for these situations when you can.

Outreach Literature

Could you sponsor literature for an outreach event  for £50?

Our partners in Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Serbia and elsewhere use Outreach Literature to share the good news of Jesus.

Can you donate £10 towards the cost of evangelistic materials?

Bibles and New Testaments

Can you help with the cost of the Bibles and New Testaments used in evangelism and prison ministry? 

Your gift of £100 will purchase 10 Bibles

Your donation of £10 will buy 3 New Testaments

Outreach Literature

Completion of Building – Novi Sad, Serbia

Large Capital Build Projects

At the start of May 2017 Novi Sad Nexus Church, in Serbia moved into their new, yet unfinished building. The most urgent work was to put in the toilets and electric, which was soon done. The next task was to add insulation on the outside walls which was finished before the cold winter came. At each stage they have seen God’s wonderful provision.

Pastor Nenad Radeka says, “The project seems huge but we have learned that the best way to eat an elephant is bite by bite. Everything big starts small.”

The next goal for 2018 is to purchase and install a heating/air-conditioning system. Can you help? Your little bit given into God’s hand can make a big difference.

If you or your church want to find out more, please contact or call us 01179 615161

Dario Kapin

Purchase of Building – Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Help to buy the Coffee Shop we currently rent for our church.

The Biblical Protestant Church in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, was established in 2004 when Pastor Dario Kapin and his wife Silvija felt concerned for reaching the people in Zenica. The church has always rented premises. For the last two years they have rented accommodation in a former bar/coffee bar at the base of a block of flats. The owner of the premises now wishes to sell the building, which gives them an opportunity to have a permanent location for the church to meet and operate from to reach out to the thousands of people in the surrounding blocks of flats.

The asking price is estimated at £24,500) and the building would need some additional improvements (new central heating system, internal decoration, double-glazed windows and doors), at a total extra cost of about £4,500).

If you or your church want to find out more, please contact or call us 01179 61516

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