The Baptist Church in Burlacu was founded in 1991 after the fall of communism and began with 11 members. For the next 25 years the church has grown a lot and at the moment there are 70 members.

Beside the pastoral ministry led by Andrei and Eugenia Ghedeon, there are some other activities we run: children, social projects, sisters, teenagers, youth, families, worship, mission and evangelism. Church members, Ghenadie and Ana Sendrea are involved in children’s ministry and social projects. The greatest challenge is people’s migration – they go abroad to find a well-paid job. In the Summer there are hardly any men left in our church

Prayer Points

  • Pray for the ministry in Burlacu – for church’s ardour to preach the gospel to unsaved people.

  • Pray for our young families, especially those who leave to work abroad.

  • For our village and for people who hear the gospel – to be open and to accept God’s Word into their hearts.

  • For peace in our country.

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Burlacu Baptist Church

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