Andrei and Eugenia Ghidion


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Right after the fall of the Soviet Union empire in 1991 in the village of Burlacu, district Cahul, Republic of Moldova there was founded an evangelical church by a group of some older brothers who started to preach the gospel. In the Spring of 1995, I repented and came back to God. That autumn I went to Bible College in Chisinau with the intent of knowing the Scriptures better. I graduated in 1998 and soon felt God’s calling to come back to my hometown.

In 1998 I married Eugenia and in the Autumn of the same year I was ordained to be a pastor of my mother-church. Eugenia and I are blessed with four children. We’re involved in different ministries. I am in the pastoral ministry and mentoring young people from our region, and Eugenia is involved in sisters’ ministry and in the worship ministry in the Church. At the moment, the church I take care of has over 70 members including the children. Many other people get to know the Lord. A great problem is the migration of young people to cities or other countries in Europe. This way our main focus is on the children from our village aged until 16 and older people who are over 50 years old.

Prayer Points

  • For me that the Lord will give me a lot of wisdom in the relationship with people, blessing in the pastoral ministry and power in preaching God’s Word.

  • That the Lord will bless my family – to protect it and to grow it for His glory.

  • That the Lord will keep us faithful and will give us strength in the trials He allows in our lives.

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