Chris Hill, TEN Ambassador and Country Champion for Albania

We are looking for more volunteer Ambassadors and Country Champions. Could this be a role for you?

What is an Ambassador?

Our team of volunteer Ambassadors play a vital role in raising the profile of TEN with local churches and growing our supporter base. With the help of our wonderful  Ambassadors, we reach more churches with our vision to see God’s kingdom grow across Europe.

So what does an Ambassador do? Ambassadors are passionate about the work of TEN. They readily talk with their contacts and give presentations to local churches about TEN’s mission. They are encouraged to use their own initiative in building connections for TEN with their church links.

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How does someone become an Ambassador?


TEN Ambassadors meeting up

Our Ambassadors come from a variety of backgrounds. As committed Christians, they uphold the vision and values of TEN as an organisation, and have the personality and skills needed to reach out to churches and organisations. Ambassadors have good interpersonal skills to communicate with individual leaders, church leadership teams and congregations.

TEN currently has seven active Ambassadors and at least two others who are carrying out this role informally. Maybe, without us knowing about it, you are someone who already loves to spread the word about the work of TEN’s amazing partners in Europe. Could you be an Ambassador? We’d love to hear from you.

Country Champions

Several of our Ambassadors are also Country Champions. This is a new voluntary role that supports the work of the TEN staff, by building a closer link with partners in a particular country, by visiting them, gathering news and making short reports.

TEN’s Country Champions also help to monitor, evaluate and report on specific projects. The way that Country Champions carry out this work on TEN’s behalf may vary, but often includes emails, Skype calls, as well as organised visits and face-to-face meetings.

Our Country Champions:

  • Albania: Chris Hill
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ian Morris
  • Croatia: Richard Favier
  • Kosovo: Tom & Helen Harflett
  • Macedonia: Tom & Helen Harflett
  • Romania: Rachel Lee and Terry Wood

New volunteer Ambassadors are welcome and Country Champions are currently needed for Bulgaria, Montenegro, Serbia and Moldova. If you are interested in any of these roles, please contact:

Profile of a Country Champion: Chris Hill

“I’ve been an Ambassador for TEN for nearly three years. Why? I basically do it for the Lord as it’s a great way of serving him in the spread of His Kingdom in Europe, allowing me to use my retirement time in a way that serves the Gospel and supports the fulfillment of the Great Commission. But it’s not just that—it’s also very fulfilling. It’s great to be part of the TEN staff and Ambassadors team, working on projects and seeing the Lord bless the amazing partners we have in the toughest parts of Europe. Being a TEN ambassador has got me doing some things that are well outside my comfort zone—a great way to learn and be challenged.”

“For me,being TEN’s Country Champion for Albania is a massive privilege. It’s a country, people and church I’ve come to love. Their zeal and focus on church planting and the gospel is amazing. It’s humbling and exciting all at once… and then to be able to support TEN by taking on the Champion role is the ‘cream on the cake!”