Historical stone path at Thessoloniki

Help raise £10,000 to support TEN’s partners in Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

The virtual 300-mile Roman Road from Albania to Greece

To inspire everyone who loves walking and raising funds for TEN, we’ve set an ambitious challenge for 2021. Our plan is to encourage supporters to virtually walk, jog or cycle along the Via Egnatia— the ancient, Roman road constructed by Gnaeus Egnatius, the Roman proconsul of Macedonia  in the 2nd century BC. Gnaeus, (pictured above) will be on hand throughout the challenge to spur you on and keep you on the straight and narrow! The route starts from the port of Durrës, Albania, winds through North Macedonia and on to the port of Thessaloniki in Greece.

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The whole Via Egnatia walk is divided into 10 stages covering 300 miles (equivalent to 600,000 steps!) along several stretches of the original paved highway. As one of the first Roman roads built outside of Italy, the Via Egnatia became the coast to coast route that linked the Adriatic with the Aegean and thereby avoiding the hazards of mountainous terrain and the alternative; a long, uncertain and perilous sea journey. The Via Egnatia (sounds like ‘egnartear’) was used for journeys between Rome in Italy and the ancient Byzantium capital of (Istanbul) in modern-day Turkey. It was the ‘highway’ of its day that enabled commerce, military power and messengers to travel unhindered. The route was frequently used by legions of Roman soldiers, Balkan traders, New Testament apostles, and centuries later by medieval Crusaders to and from the Holy Land.

Via Egnatia

Register as a participant for the Via Egnatia Challenge set your distance mileage goal and financial target. Tell potential donors why you want to help raise funds for TEN.  Follow your progress along each stage of the virtual walk. Stage 1 covers 28 miles from Durrës to Peqin, Albania. We will share with you details of our partners along the route and provide some interesting history. Your mileage can be accumulated over several weeks or even months as an individual, a couple or as a team, family or walking group.

You will be encouraged to share your personal challenge with your friends and family using Facebook, Whats App etc. Each month we want you to tell us how many miles you or your group have covered while walking in your neighbourhood (maybe with your dog), rambling through the local countryside or following your favourite trails. Login to your personal fundraising page to share photos and updates. Follow your progress on the Leader Board below. Cyclists are also welcome to follow the route. If you are a regular walker and would be happy (post lockdown) to lead a small group in your area, please let Melanie know melanie.griffiths@ten-uk.org 


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