According to Moldova’s National Bureau of Statistics, every year around 700 under-age girls become mothers and around 1,400 adolescent girls have an abortion. Our partners in Cahul, Moldova have got involved in work that aims to change this situation, through the True Love Waits initiative. The team go into schools and talk to pupils about an alternative way – waiting until marriage before having sex. They challenge pupils to consider making a commitment to remain pure until marriage. For those who are not virgins it is not about judging or criticising them. Rather, it gives an opportunity for a fresh start .

The True Love Waits team have visited 60 schools in Moldova, taking their message to 5,000 pupils. With 420,000 pupils in the entire country there is quite a way to go but the vision the team have is large. 50 more people have been trained up to take the message into schools. It is estimated that 75% of pupils who hear the True Loves Waits teaching then make a decision to keep themselves pure until marriage.


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  • Pray that those who have made a decision for purity will be encouraged to keep to it.
  • Pray for the 50 new True Love Waits teachers – that their teaching may be clear and inspirational.
  • Pray that the team will find more people ready to be trained up, so that every school in Moldova can be visited with this message.