News from TEN Partners, Erion and Gentiana Çuni in Tirana, Albania

Luke 19:10  “For the son of man is come to seek and save that which was lost.”

Erion and Gentiana Cuni, Tirana

As a family we have prayed that this verse would come alive in all the activities and social projects we have been running . It has been a time of victory as God has been at work. For the last few Sundays we have had full house in our church with no more chairs available.  This is a time to be thankful for the  faithfulness of our God !

Among the many activities one has been very special. The visit of a brother from East Germany with a great testimony already published in Albanian gave us a great opportunity to invite many people to hear the good news and hear about the power of God’s transformation of broken lives. It was a great encouragement to many of those with similar struggles. God spoke to believers and non believers that day .

At the end of January we started a 6 weeks course on the book “The History of Marriage“ initially with the couples in our church. However, by the second week we realized that it would have been great to have everyone in church taking the lessons and speaking about what the word of God says about the original plan God had for marriage. From all the courses we’ve ever had, this one had the highest attendance for mid week ministry.

Having three church plants and an established church to run needs a lot of work and planning. But most importantly, for our leaders it is taking time to talk to our Father in Heaven.

The small groups have entered in another phase. They now have a deeper understanding of the Word of God and the emphasis for each group and every member is changing from growth to multiplication.

I spend two days each week on the Prison Ministry. This involves following up inmates who have been transferred to other detention centres in order to help them complete their studies in the Gospel of Mark and The Prisoner’s Journey. A great number of men are very eager to learn and we have three courses running at present. My greatest joy is the 15 minutes I spend in prayer and the Word of God with prisoners who are now believers given over to God.

The leaders of the children’s ministry are  trying to improve and to be creative in every meeting, and develop relationships with the parents of the children.

In the last two months, we had 40 home visits, over 2000km of traveling to villages, outreach ministries, social ministry and prison ministry. We had over 100 coffee meetings and five special outreach events .

To pray for.

  • We still have so much going on! But more to come since Easter is approaching.
  • A strong bond between the leadership team and the leaders in the new church plants.
  • Wisdom and favour from God to plan well ,to be creative as we prepare events ,services for Easter and other ministries going on in all of our churches.
  • Financial provision from God for expenditure of the churches, ministry needs, rents, travel, children’s ministry materials and outreach events.