Below are three stories based around the recent flooding in Serbia. The first story is written from the perspective of ex drug addicts who are now living in flood struck areas. Please continue to give towards TEN’s Flood appeal and earnestly pray for all those who have been affected. 

Brothers from the Drug Rehab Centre:
How can they still smile and hope, I wondered as we were leaving. Grandpa left a lovely home to two of his grandsons. Both married, one with 7 months old baby, other has an expecting wife. Baby should arrive next month. They both made lovely separate apartments on the property. Both worked, so they took a loan finish living rooms, baby rooms. We only saw the remaining bare rooms and wet walls. Nothing else, just disaster. Water came just below sealing. Baby was only month and half when they all fled for their lives. They have been staying with some relatives since then.

Once again we hear what we hear everywhere, “You are the only people that visit and care.” Wow, it seems that our help is so small in
comparison what they have lost. However, it speaks a lot, it speaks love, love of God experienced in practical way. Two brothers came to visit and have coffee with the team. The heard the Gospel, the good news. May God flood their hearts with His presence!

We could not believe that water would reach as far as mid walls on the first floor in the apartment building! All around were homes that were totally flooded, so when this tragedy happened, and people had minutes to flee for their lives, many came to the apartment building and run up the stairs, like to the saving island! Svetlana, mother of 16month old baby and 4 year old will never forget early Saturday morning. They had to go up to the third floor, for water was everywhere in their apartment on the first floor. News were warning people that water might rise another 2 meters! Where could they go? No electricity, water, pitch dark with horrible sound of gushing water. Finely she got into rescue rubber boat holding on to her kids. Boat was losing air…will they be able to make it. She dreams about this and her life will never be the same. Her older boy never took his eyes of his mom as she was telling us the story.

Gordana was waiting for her husband in front of the house. House that is still wet from the floods, but it does not look like it will get much better, as the weather is damp and wet. All rooms are bear, floors have been taken out, none of the appliances are in working condition. Everything they owned was taken on the street. Bills are coming in even for removal of all their ruined possessions, even for the technical water that they were using in the city after the floods. Bills, bills, and no one to come and help.

“You are the only ones that comes,” she said. My husband used to be a strong man, great support to me and my two daughters, one 9 another 13. Now he cries a lot and feels that he will not be able to go on. “Driving the inner city bus every day for 12 hours is hard work. People talk about the most unimportant stuff, they complain, if they only knew what I have waiting for me at home,” he said. His daughter never stopped kissing and hugging him as he came home. He was so gentle and kind toward her. At least they have each other. We all stood in the circle as I prayed.

“Only God can help us”, they said. That is what I prayed for. That God would touch them, help them, provide winter jackets, clothes, wood for the stove, new appliances…..and that they would feel His hug, kiss and care. No one else can help. May He continue to work in their hearts and may He provide for their needs.

Sent by Danny & Vera Kuranji


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  • Please continue to pray for all those who have been hit by the floods – many have been hit twice!
  • Pray for the work and outreach that the church is continuing to give and provide. Numbers can be overwhelming but pray that the people they do meet with get to know Christ through their witness.
  • Pray for each of the individuals and families above. Pray for the work of the three men from the drug rehab. May they be a huge support to one another as they face harrowing situations and stories everyday. May the Lord continually renew their strength and embolden them in their gospel witness.
  • For Gordana and Svetlana as they care for their families. May the Lord reveal Himself in a very real way to these women and to their families.
  • For families and individuals who are facing a very serious depression ahead, may God break through and provide hope where they currently have none.
  • WIll more people rise up to help those who are so desperate approaching winter. May the government make good on their promises for support and housing!