Welcome to TENteach

You can select “The Lessons” and “The Classes” to find out more information about these. When you are offered a place, you can ask the teacher, if you have any more questions.

When you are ready to join an English class

  1. Take the online test to find your language level. You and your teacher will be shown the score.
  2. Based on your language level result, you will be offered a place within a few days by an email from your teacher.
  3. Reply to the email from the teacher to accept the place and ask any questions.
  4. If the class is full, you can be put on a waiting list.





TENteach is an online educational programme run by a small team of volunteers led by Nick Clarke, TEN’s contact for Moldova. TEN stands for Transform Europe Network a British charity working with local Christians in Eastern Europe and the Balkans telling people about the teachings of Jesus, and helping local churches provide food parcels and winter fuel for the poor.

Nick Clarke