The plight of so many refugees fleeing the civil war in Syria and the terror of neighbouring countries is a major problem for Europe. Over 1 million refugees have already entered Europe, many from Turkey and through Greece.

Thanks to its generous supporters, Transform Europe Now has sent funds to support the work of its Christian partners and churches in Greece, Macedonia and Serbia, who are helping refugees with gifts of clothing, food and drink. Churches and Christian charities are working alongside humanitarian aid organisations to bring relief to thousands of people in desperate circumstances.

TEN Communications Officer, Peter Wooding, recently spent time in the Balkans filming the challenging work among refugees heading into Europe.

Watch the film:

GOD TV, the Christian television channel based in Plymouth, heard about the film project and offered to include this film in its Refugee Season and #LoveYourNeighbour social media campaign. The film was broadcast several times during the past week as an example of Christian’s showing God’s love in a practical way.

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