Transform Europe Now has just released a resource pack for churches wishing to support Harvest for the Hungry 2016. Now in its 24th year, this popular fund-raising campaign has been supported by hundreds of churches, schools, organisations and individual Christians.

Harvest for the Hungry continues to provide food parcels for thousands of needy families across some of the poorest nations of Europe.

CEO Gerry Partridge explained, ‘We can’t sit quietly whilst we see children across Europe facing poverty, hunger and homelessness on our doorstep. This year’s appeal will focus on feeding children who are so often victims of chronic malnutrition; which leaves them trapped in a vicious circle of poor health. Giving children access to nutritious food in their early years is vital in helping them to lead a healthy life.’ 

For many years, the Harvest for the Hungry initiative was led by former Eurovangelism team member, Derek Wade, who recalls, ‘For the first 10 years of the campaign, UK churches and local schools would fill 1,000’s of cardboard boxes with food supplies to be transported to Eastern Europe. In the early days of post-communist countries most of the shelves in the food stores lay empty – there was little food available to buy. Thankfully today we can send funds to our trusted-in-country partners who can purchase food locally and then distribute. This not only is a much better use of valuable resources, but it also supports the local economy.’   

Transform Europe Now is grateful to those who support the campaign by monthly giving knowing that each donation of £10 provides another food parcel for a needy family.

The 2016 Harvest for the Hungry church service pack includes posters, leaflets, a PowerPoint presentation (with speaker notes) and a short video. These can be either downloaded directly from the TEN website or requested by email