TEN Celebrates 50th Birthday

On 2nd December our team gathered for a special lunch to celebrate TEN’s 50th birthday.

After cutting our celebration cake, TEN’s CEO Gerry Partridge reflected on the past 50 years and looked to the future: “As we celebrate 50 years of working in Europe we thank God for those who pioneered this ministry and have impacted so many people with the love of Jesus.

“We start the next 50 years on a solid foundation of dedication and sacrifice of those who have gone before us. In a recent prayer time we had a real sense God was telling us, that we are now ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’ the giants being our predecessors.

“So we are not starting from ground zero, but we are building on a well-established foundation. ‘Standing on the shoulders of giants’ means we are already elevated and we can see much further ahead. We also had a sense God was saying we would achieve a ‘double blessing.’

“2015 has been a year of change and restructure, but we are now in excellent shape, we have a new team united and focused on the vision of helping build Kingdom Communities across Europe. Psalm 133 says … ‘How good it is when brothers live together in unity…. For there the Lord will command His blessing.’”

Gerry concluded: “We now move into the next 50 years with excitement and expectancy looking to God for His blessing on our work with our amazing partners across Europe.”