Previous years Christmas service was all about puppet show, event based around kids. Now, we made it is all about sermon, event made for adults. For that reason I expected a low turn out.

“When I appeared in church, hour earlier then Christmas service is to start, there was so many church members helping, preparing. As usual I jumped in to help here and there but soon I realized I am not needed and they will do better if I get out of the way. Usually its all up to Maca, Tanja and I. So I thought, wow, this is great! I went up into our coffee house to get out of the way, said a short prayer – “God its all in your hands”, and went for a nap while sitting in the nice chair.

At 6pm I went down, entered the hall and just couldn’t believe it. There was approx. 100 kids and 70 adults!

Our kids sang couple of songs and after it they and all the other kids went outside of hall to kids room & coffee house were they got gifts. I stayed alone with adults and gave them full on gospel sermon. After the sermon many people came to me and told me they enjoyed a message and didn’t hear something like that before. Couple of them even asked me can they come back next Sunday! YEAH! Praise God!

After everything was over church members cleaned up whole church and it looked like nothing happened just hour ago. Man, I was so blessed by seeing so many of them serving before, during and after the event!”

Zoltan Vegel