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Our Essential Gifts online store has been themed in consultation with our partners in Europe. These ethical gifts are based upon the most needed items and cover a range of prices to provide something for everyone. Look out for our new gifts! Please help those in need by donating a gift on behalf of someone special to you, whether for Christmas, a birthday or a special anniversary. Every gift will not only be a blessing to your friend it will also help someone in need.

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How it works:
1. Choose your Essential Gift or Bundle
2. Place your order and help transform a life
3. We’ll email you a downloadable Gift Card link to send on to your friend or family member

Gift pledge:
At least 85p in every £1 donated will be sent to our partners. Transform Europe Network requires a small amount to cover its printing and postage costs to ensure the long-term sustainability of the Essential Gifts project.

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Tenacious book



Spanning almost 50 years of God’s work across Europe, TENACIOUS has 100 faith inspiring real life stories, written by TEN’s partners and friends.

Click here for more information about TENACIOUS.

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