1. Mirco Andreev, Macedonia: A new Alpha course is starting in Skopje this month. Please pray that those who go will experience God’s unfailing love in their lives, and for Biblical discipleship.
  2. Marino Mojtic, Macedonia, needs God’s blessing and guidance as he travels to the US to fundraise for the Evangelical Church this month.
  3. Sally Bertram and Rachael Robertson are visiting five countries and 18 partners this week. Pray for their overall protection in health, travel and that they will be an encouragement to TEN’s partners.
  4. Slavko Hadzic, Bosnia: After the holidays, the church is beginning its regular activities. “Pray for a fresh start!”
  5. Either this month or next, the mobile clinic (health advisory centre) will take place in the cities of Glamoc and Mostar: “Pray we can bring hope to people and to share the gospel.”
  6. In October, the church will begin their Alpha course. Pray for the leaders as they prepare and for God to touch lives even now!
  7. Stefan Hanganu, Moldova, is beginning a new children’s ministry this month, but needs leaders to step up and lead the various groups. Pray for willing volunteers.
  8. “The church gives food parcels to those in need. Pray for this ministry that God will reveal He is the bread and water of LIFE.”
  9. Praise God for those who are involved in ministry. May they be strengthened, upheld and treasured by all those they meet. May they know God’s provision in their own lives and faith.
  10. Jovica Bacvanski, Montenegro: “Please pray the church won’t grow tired but that seeds will grow. Pray the church will be encouraged.”
  11. The church has received their permit to have a stand in the town. This is a first! Pray they will have a strong spiritually drawing presence.
  12. “Pray for my assistant Vukasin!” Pray for Jovica and Vukasin as they work side-by-side. Pray their ministry won’t be broken by worldly entangles, but strengthened through Christ.
  13. Pray for the Montenegrin church—may it not be opposed, but given freedom to exercise and share the Good News. May it stand firm on God and proclaim His name.
  14. Ruth Richardson, TEN Ambassador, is speaking at Hillfields Harvest service this morning. Pray for ears to be open and hearts stirred to the poverty ever-present in Europe today.
  15. Anatoli Yankov, Bulgaria: Please pray for new believers in the church to be bold in their faith and not weakened by the challenges they face as Christian believers.
  16. More workers are needed within the church to help carry out various ministerial tasks. Please pray against idolness, and for servant hearts.
  17. Praise God the church congregation is expanding; more room is needed! Pray for church leaders to have wisdom and patience in this area.
  18. “Please pray for the protection of our home. In the recent months, we have been attacked in our health and things in our possession have been damaged.”
  19. Plamen Borisov, Bulgaria: Please pray for those who are unemployed in the church. Pray for God’s overflowing sense of peace and for assurance in their faith.
  20. “Today we will have a meeting with pastors who we connect with.” May this be an encouraging time of strengthening fellowship and learning from one another.
  21. “Pray for unity and cooperation between the churches in Sevlievo!“
  22. Recent focus on children’s ministry has led to a growing youth group. Pray for resources to accommodate this group, and for God’s protection over this ministry.
  23. Misho Todorov, Bulgaria: At the beginning of the month the church invested in an open-air meeting. Pray this will have attracted non-Christians and begun the ‘spiritual cleansing’ of the town.
  24. Praise God for the outreach. May the church continue to be bold in their witness and have a positive influence amongst the local population.
  25. Milcho Deyanov, Bulgaria: “Please pray with us for revival and spritual awakening of the people so they will return to the Lord.”
  26. Milcho, and wife Benny, have both been unwell recently, pray that God will fully restore their health so they’re fully able to continue with His ministry.
  27. Milcho has huge compassion for the nearby orphanage; “Please pray that God will give us wisdom how to serve the children better!”
  28. Praise God for the work Milcho and Benny continue to do in Bulgaria. May they know God’s anointing over their ministry and be effective for His glory.
  29. Slavko Hadzic is leading a workshop in Macedonia, which focuses on the importance of influencing the government. Pray for all attending the conference.
  30. Praise God for what can be achieved in a month. May the works that have started continue to flourish. May seeds be sown and fruits reaped.