The latest report from Pastor Mark McCormick in Moldova brings exciting news from the recent mission. Firstly, he thanks all those who prayed for the mission that clearly moved God to convict and save. Mark’s team of 10 evangelists worked closely with 35 local churches in a coordinated outreach across more than 200 homes in South Moldova in which over 1,200 people heard the gospel.

Over 500 people responded by praying a prayer of commitment to Christ that included repenting of their sin and receiving Him into their lives as Lord and Saviour. Many of those who responded are already attending new believer’s studies.

Moldovan evangelists

Mark says, ‘God has been doing so much more than even these figures represent. For example, the woman who had been witnessed to for twenty years who utterly refused to come to church, let alone make a response. She came to a group meeting and gave her life to the Lord. Others, who had fallen away from Christ and were too ashamed to come to church, came to the home group and returned to the Lord.’

Other stories of God’s amazing grace continue to emerge. ‘We heard from the friend of one man who attended a meeting but showed no signs of response. This man was so against the church and the gospel that for him to come to a group and listen to the gospel was itself a miracle.’

‘Another lady, who we first had dealings with 20 years ago, had remained extremely hostile. Later she softened, but still wanted nothing to do with our faith. Last year her son and his wife were baptised. Finally, during this mission, the lady and her husband were among those that gave their lives to the Lord – what a faithful God.’

A wealthy businessman, who had often been witnessed to over the years without ever piercing his sense of goodness, recently had a stroke which has left him partially paralysed and unable to run his businesses. One of the evangelists met up with him a couple of weeks before the mission and found him to be much more open. He shared much with him leading us to believe he was close. When we came to his house during the mission he was open indeed and gave his life to the Lord.

Pray for the follow up with these new believers and that they will come through to maturity. Please pray too for the three possible missions to take place next year as we speak with pastors in various regions of Moldova.’

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