City officials in Zenica, the fourth largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina have approved plans drawn up by TEN partner, Dario Kapin of Zenica Bible Protestant Church to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation.


Zenica City

The city mayor has agreed that a large Day of Reformation banner will be commissioned and displayed at a prominent location. On 11th September, Dario has been given the opportunity to address a large number of young people in the capital city of Sarajevo to present the evangelical Christian faith and to explain the Reformation heritage. On the same day the Jewish community in Sarajevo want to interview Dario for an article in their magazine to highlight this ground-breaking initiative.

Please pray for Dario and that through these events God will enable thousands of people to hear the gospel, and for a positive response by the media. Dario has already been a studio guest on TV Zenica and spoke for about 30 minutes openly sharing his Christian faith and his plans for a Day of  Reformation.

The religious affiliation across Bosnia and Herzegovina currently stands at around 50% Muslim, 30% Orthodox and 15% Catholic. Evangelicals represent less than 1% of the population.