The Christian Summer Camp “Pilgrim 2014” took place in Oparino village, Moscow region, from the 2-23 July. There were 68 children and 32 teenagers in the camp broken down in the following: 39 – from large families, 11 – orphans, 7 – children of widows, 43 – from poor and needy socially unprotected families.

The main theme of the camp 2014 was “With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible” Matt 19:26. Everyday activity (morning prayer meetings, Bible study lessons, workshops, relay races, rescue expeditions, special sport events and games, evening club, etc.) was connected with the main theme of the camp, so that children learn that with loving God everything is possible for them. On Sundays children attended morning worship service in the local church. They liked to sing and to say poems in the church. Children from nearest villages were invited to take part in the camp activity.

Written by Galina Dzhuzenova


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  • Praise God for the witness and excitement provided through summer camps all across Europe!
  • Thank God for the numbers of children who were able to attend this years summer camp and for the variety of backgrounds.
  • Thank God for the team who led the camp and for the preparation and tidy up involved in putting on this kind of event.
  • Pray for the lives of the children. May God be known to each one of them and brought forth into a living relationship with Him.