Rock of Ages in Constanta had a challenging start to the year when the prison department came up with new regulations, involving more paperwork, for those visiting prisoners. Due to the good name of the ministry it has managed to avoid being restricted by these changes. Also, leaders Mircea and Ronela Cristian made a lengthy round trip to visit some of their prison ministry teams across Romania. This was to encourage the teams, pray with them and challenge them to increase in numbers. They are grateful for God’s provision and protection through these months and are delighted that 11 people have recently come to know Jesus, making all the hard work worthwhile.

In the course of a prison visit last year they were surprised to meet a lady who had been a neighbour years ago. Mircea and Ronela write: “Two weeks ago she was released from prison and the first thing she did was to call Ronela that she wants to meet with her. She came to our office asking to know more about Jesus! Ronela shared with her and she received Jesus in her heart! What a joy!”

Rock of Ages began work in neighbouring Moldova in recent years but the current unrest in Ukraine, also a neighbour, has now made trips to Moldova less safe. They would appreciate prayer for wisdom to choose when to go there.


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  • They would like to find someone to run their Bible study programme in Romania full time. Please pray for the person and resources for this.
  • Pray for wisdom for travelling to Moldova and for safety when working there.
  • Please pray for the resources needed to put on Rock of Ages’ national conference in June. Pray that it may encourage and envision many.